School Odor Removal – Treatment

Remove school smells, classroom and laboratory odors at their source with ozone.

The OdorFree is an excellent school odor eliminator that will remove school odors and also kill microorganisms such as mold and mildew. This results in a fresh smelling facility and a much better learning environment.

Schools and classrooms develop odors as a result of being used for extended periods by a variety of occupants. Even after rooms have been cleaned by the janitorial staff, stubborn odors can linger and be difficult to remove. A residual odor can call into question whether the room has been properly cleaned by staff.

How to Treat School Odors

Solution: The best way to eliminate these odors is to run the OdorFree unit at a high level while the facility is vacant. Let the last person who leaves at night turn the unit on and allow the OdorFree to spend several hours oxidizing the odors and reducing micro organism count. The unit should be turned off a couple of hours before the facility re-opens. As a result, both students and faculty will enjoy a fresh smelling facility.

Note: Some rooms have their own separate A/C unit. However, if there is central system with a return vent in the room to be treated, it is best to tape the return duct closed with plastic or paper, and and also close the supply vents during treatment. This will keep the O3 inside that particular room for odor elimination and not let it be circulated into other rooms.

The O3 creates a clean, sanitizing smell which dissipates within about an hour. There is no need to mask odors with perfume like deodorizers, which some people find objectionable and others may be allergic to.