Since ozone kills bacteria and viruses, it can be used in cleaning routines to keep toys sanitized.

A recent study from the University at Buffalo revealed common bacteria can live on surfaces outside of the body for longer than previously thought. The researchers found that Streptococcus pneumoniae and Streptococcus pyogenes can live on surfaces such as toys, books and cribs for weeks or even months. Toys are important objects to keep sanitized because they could be shared with other children or left on the floor or another contaminated area. According to Web MD, children often spread the flu to others by sharing toys.

According to the S. pyogenes study, “S. pyogenes commonly causes strep throat in children and can cause skin infections and other serious infection in both children and adults.”

Additionally, scientists say S. pneumonia is a leading cause of childhood ear infections as well as illness and death from respiratory tract infections in children and the elderly.

The lead researcher on the University at Buffalo project concluded, “Commonly handled objects contaminated with these biofilm bacteria could act as reservoirs of bacteria for hours, weeks or months, being vehicles of spread upon contact.”